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What is Isokinetic Testing?

Employers, especially those in the industrial field, can elect to have a potential new hire to go through pre-employment testing and/or physical assessment for a safety sensitive job.  One of the possible tests a candidate  may be required to perform is called Isokinetic Testing.  This test is used to help identify a candidate's lack of strength that may prohibit them from properly and safely performing the required job.  A lack of strength can be caused by prior or current injuries and illness, that can be aggravated from physical demands of the job being offered.  The Isokinetic Test can help to identify the candidates physical capabilities and what activities they may be vulnerable  to or unable to perform.

Testing normally lasts around 45 minutes and involves getting a candidates past medical history especially if they have/had any sprains, strains, or fracture.  Next involves getting a simple weight measurement and then the Isokinetic portion beginning.  Testing will be completed for both shoulders and knees in various positions.  The results for each test is registered and measured by a computer software.  Once completed, the results for each extremity will be printed out and sent to an independent company who reads the results and sends a pass/fail to the employer.